Preventing Huriyat leaders from visiting martyrs graveyard is deplorable Act: Engineer Yatoo


Preventing Hurriyat leaders from visiting 1931 Martyers graveyard is a highly deplorable act and exhibits frustration of the authorities said PDP leader Engineer Nazir Yatoo.

In a statement PDP leader said by stopping huryat leaders to visit Marty’s graveyard is totally unjust and uncalled for.

” Hurriyat leaders are not aliens and are very much part and parcel of our society . They have every right to visit the graveyard of 1931 martyrs. This exhibits frustration and injustice on part of authorities. 1931 martyrs belong to everyone and it is a shameful act that Governor administration neither visited themselves to the holy site nor allowed people especially Hurriyat ” said Engineer Yatoo