BJP trying to cause unrest in JK by threatening state’s special status: Kadfeen

Srinagar: Congress leader Kadfeen Choudhary on Sunday slammed the BJP over its rants against Jammu and Kashmir’s special status, stating that the saffron party is unnecessarily trying to stoke communal and regional tensions in the state.
Kadfeen said that BJP’s Ram Madhav has issued a non-sensical, uncalled for and bizarre statement by declaring that BJP will scrap Article 370 from the constitution. “On one hand the BJP led government in the centre wants to hold dialogue with stakeholders to bring peace in the state and on the other hand when talks haven’t yet been initiated, BJP itself is acting as a spoilsport. This has revealed the party’s duplicity and unnatural style of functioning,” said Kadfeen.
He added that it is the high time that the BJP realises how much important is to bring peace in the state and void such measures that have can prove detrimental to state’s future and its fragile peace.
Kadfeen added that Article 370 is a constitutional guarantee that has been acting as a bridge between the state and the union, facilitating the two to foster new bonds an scan new horizons. However, said Kadfeen, if any attempt to dilute the special status is made, it will be akin to plunging the state into chaos and uncertainty.